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Various products such as waveguides, filters and rotary joints in the microwave and millimeter-wave bands for use onboard satellites, embedded in communications equipment, airport surface monitoring, meteorology, aviation and marine radar.

Components for Use On Satellites

Thin-walled waveguide
SPC Light Weight waveguides are well accepted for telecommunication, broadcasting, and various earth observation satellites.

Waveguide Components
Product line-up : Filter, Power Divider, Dummy Load and Other Components

Coaxial Components
Product line-up : Filters, Coupler, Hybrids and Dummy loads, etc.

MIC Circulator/Isolator
Applicable to C band ~ Ka band, Low Loss, wideband, High isolation, Thin film type.

Components for Radiological Equipment

High Power Waveguide Components
High power of megawatts,Low loss Waveguide

High power waveguide circulator / isolator
Achieves small size and low loss as a microwave power supply system component

High power Rotary Joint
MW High Power, Low loss

High power Dummy load
MW High Power/ Water load, Dry load,

Radar Equipment

High power Rotary Joint
Many sales record for wide range application (Weather Rader, Air Trafic Control Rader, etc.).

Mega Watt class High Power, Millimeterwave waveguides

Double ridge waveguide (including CT)
It has two features: low insertion loss of waveguide and wideband characteristics of coaxial.

Surface Mounting Type MIC Circulator
Easy mountable on PCB Board Circulator and Isolator

Dummy load
Available from precision grade to high power / water load

Directional Coupler
Wide Coupling ranges models from 3dB to 60dB available

Waveguide to Coaxial Transition
Suitable design for High Power and Broad band application

High Power Filter
Suppresses unnecessary frequencies signal generated from transmitters

Waveguide Circulator/Isolator
Megawatt class High Power circulator and Isolator.Both 3 or 4 port circulator available.


Wideband coaxial component
Wideband circulators, directional couplers