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This website is managed and operated by SPC Electronics (hereinafter referred to as the Company). Those who visit and use this site are considered to have agreed to the following conditions. Please be sure to read the terms of use before using this site. Please note that the terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. In such cases, we ask you to confirm the latest contents.


Although we have taken every possible precaution in posting information on this website, we shall not be held responsible for the following points:

  • That the information posted is all correct, all safe, and all useful.
  • That the information on this site is always up-to-date.
  • Any damage caused by the use of this site.
  • Actions taken to stop the server, change the information, or stop/suspend the provision of information without notice.
  • Any loss or damage arising therefrom.

Restrictions on the use of information on this website ( Copyrights, Trademarks )

The content of this website (text, images, audio, programs, etc.) is protected by the Industrial Property Act, the Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws.
Reproduction or transfer of these content without permission of the copyright holder is prohibited by law.
When reprinting or publishing the content of this site in magazines, books, CD-ROMs, and other media, it is necessary to obtain prior written permission from our company.


If you would like to link to this site, please indicate "link request" and submit it in the inquiry form.
Please enter the URL of the website you wish to link to. You will be contacted by the person in charge.
Please note that we do not accept any other types of links.
In addition, even in cases where the Company has given permission to link to a website, the Company may request the suspension of the link depending on changes in the content.
Furthermore, the Company does not guarantee the content of websites linked to from the Company's website.
Even when a link is provided, it is not intended to imply that we have a special relationship with the company operating the linked website or that we recommend the products or services of such company.
When using the linked websites, please refer to the terms of use and the privacy policy of those websites.

Governing law and court of jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this website and the interpretation and application of the terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for all disputes related to the use of this website.