Electronics and Communications EquipmentCommunications Equipment

Various products for a wide range of frequency bands, including LNBs, satellite communication components, and millimeter-wave transceiver equipment.

LNBs for Satellite Communications

C-Band Low Noise Blockup converter for VSAT satellite communication terminal.

X-Band External Reference LNB
Compact Design LNB with Built-In Isolator

Ka-band LNB that realizes high stability and low NF in compact size

Dual Band Ka-PLL LNB
2 Ka-Bands (GX and WGS) Swichable in Compact Size Design

Millimeter Wave Data Transmission Equipment

Millimeter-wave TRX-module for Fixed Wireless Access
High Stability & Low Phase Noise Oscillator Module in Compact & Light weight Design

28GHz band transmitter / receiver module
Ka Band Transmission/Reception Integrated Module and Flat Antenna

High end RF converter for wideband millimeter-wave
60GHz band Frequency Converter